Day: July 6, 2012


Until this week I believe I never did politics on this blog, so is natural for the reader to wonder why I become active in this area so suddenly, do I plan a new career or received some incentives? That’s not the case.
I believe in freedom and freedom of speech, I want to live in a modern and democratic society. And for those to happen, there is the need for a free press, which is lacking in my country:

  • the public television is controlled by the government coalition, USL, they recently changed the management and filled the directory council only with their people (before it used to represent the political spectrum proportionally;
  • the largest media group is owned by Dan Voiculescu a leader of the government coalition who is also known as a member of the secret police in the former communist dictatorship and is tried for corruption (the trial was nearing a verdict which was delayed by maneuvers of his government);
  • Another media group supporting the government is owned by Sorin Ovidiu Vantu, who is currently imprisoned for blackmailing a former business partner;
  • other media groups are controlled by politicians and businessmen close to the governing coalition, like Dinu Patriciu.

In such conditions, if one want the truth to be heard, it has to bypass the traditional media and put the reality directly on the internet, where those powers can’t reach it and alter the truth. Traditional media is bought and full of lies, always hired to follow someone’s agenda. We are free.


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Later today the communist coalition controlling the government and the parliament will move to impeach the democratically elected president, Traian Basescu. He will be suspended from his function until a national referendum.
I think this particular impeachment is a bad thing for a number of reasons, I think he was the best post-revolutionary president, but this does not means much, since the others were absolutely awful, he did a lot of mistakes and bad things, but at least under his mandate also happened positive things like the country had at least an independence of powers in the state (legislative, executive, justice), the press was free (unlike the previous regime) and we had, for the first time in history a formal condemnation of the former communist dictatorship (while that is not much, is infinitely more than the previous regimes).
So I am not a fan of the president, but I think for the moment he is the best alternative. This slogan from yesterday’s meeting at Piața Revoluției are very close to my own position “I don’t cry for Basescu, I cry for the rule of law and constitutional order”.


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Large meeting at Piata Revolutiei

If in the previous days the pro-democratic and anti-governmental demonstrations at Piața Victoriei were spontaneous and unofficial, yesterday evening Piața Revoluției of Bucharest (the symbolic place where the old communist dictatorship ended) hosted a big official demonstration with thousands of participants. This time it was a political action, with parties, associations, organizations and personalities participating and announcing an alliance intended to stop the coup d’etat and defending democracy. They will lack much power in the following months, but are expected to be a force in the upcoming elections expected this autumn.

piata revolutiei
piata revolutiei
piata revolutiei
piata revolutiei

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