I am known to fall into extremes at times, like a week ago when a photoshot came less than perfect (read: “messed up”) due to the lack of a power outlet where I could plug the lights. Frustrated enough, I took care of the problem by buying some power cords: a raw cable, 30 meters long and a 10 meters roll, for a total of 40 meters… that should be enough, I thought.
Now I wonder if the decision was the best: instead of the 30m cable, a 20m one could have been long enough, but considerably easier to carry around (is heavy!)… but the bigger the better, I have more autonomy this way. As for the weight… that’s between me and my back :p

power cords

Anyway, it was not a problem… the large majority of the problems you encounter can be solved by throwing money at them and as long as you afford that, they are not really problems. Problems are those you can’t afford the price or the ones which can’t be solved with money, there are some of those too…

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