Even if for the moment I don’t have a place to host my photos (the long process of repairing this blog is ongoing, will take some more days) I still shoot when I get the opportunity, hoping will post when everything is settled.

So when I saw the big media splash about the Tuborg event held with free entrance in the Izvor Park, I figured it may be a good opportunity for some photos, even if I was not interested much in the music or their beer (like 10 years ago it was probably my beer of choice, now it tastes like the recipe was changed for the worse).

At the entrance a big poster informed you are not allowed with professional photo/video cameras, with food or drinks brought from outside, not even with you own plastic glasses. And a number of agents performing body searches, to ensure you don’t have any of those on you.

Seeing that, my first reaction was to turn back and leave, but I though there is no harm in trying and approached the gate. I guy said: go there, the guy with black sunglasses will look at your camera and decide. OK, trip to the guy with sunglasses, who looked at my entry-level DLSR with zoom lenses mounted and decided: “this is semi-pro, you can’t go in”.

No point in arguing about what is “pro” and “semi-pro” or that the poster said only “pro”, there are a lot of other things to shoot.

And what about beers? My current favorites are imported Czech beers, the Tuborg products are like that: Skol – poor and cheap, a lot of alternatives in this area; Tuborg – worse than it used to be, you can get better at the same price; Carlsberg – this one is passable. Too bad they also the importer for Guinness, the other ones are not missed…