Month: March 2015

35×35: Girl with flowers

The spring came, flowers are everywhere

35x35 girl with flowers

Back alley

Believe it or not, this is the Valley of the Kings of Bucharest.

back alley

35×35: At hand

Sometime a window reflection is at hand

35x35 at hand

On the move

Almost everything is on the move.

on the move

35×35: The Force

May the force be with 35 millimeters!

3535 the force

The man with flowers

A man, some flowers, an empty street, some lights and shadows.

the man with flowers

35×35: The Cake

Today is the day for something sweet

35x35: The Cake

Weddings: details matters

Our lives are a chain of small details, so every single one matters.

weddings details matters

People of the sun

We are all feeding with solar energy.

people of the sun

Not advertising

This image is not an ad, it only happened to see this usual place looking more photogenic than usual.

not advertising

He may be a giant

I am not sure if he is a giant, but his shadow surely is.

he may be a giant

35×35: Shallow

With a 35mm lens, how shallow the depth of field can be? Quite a bit!

PS: my first tree blossom of the year


35×35: Close

“If your photographs aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough”, Robert Capa famously said. So do I need to use an even shorter focal lens? Well, that would be a different project, for a different time.

35×35: Worlds

I’m debuting a new series of pictures, it is intended to have 35 photos made with a 35 mm lens.

Street graphism

Simple light graphics on the floor of a street

street graphism