When I bought the toy a few days ago I hat it shipped at my office, as usual, since this is the most convenient for me. Couple of days later, it was the time to bring it home and much to the shock on friend who lives in an unsecure country where something like this is inconceivable, I had no problem taking in the street, since in Bucharest something like this is obviously a toy. Of course, inside its original box 😀

The day coincided with the openSUSE release party, where I participated along with a few friends and all the toys I could carry (Mo called us “Fedora release party crasher crew” for this). The meeting point with the other guys was at the exit from a subway station, Piața Victoriei, since I thought this may be the most convenient for all. And now is the moment when my stupidity shines: while waiting, I showed them my toy, ready to take it out of the box and fully assemble it. And only then we realised we are less than 100 meters away from the Government Palace, a building heavily guarded, with armed soldiers and in a time when the government just raised the taxes. And realised is probably a good idea to keep the toy inside the box 😀 And also realised how stupid can I be at times.

But this is not all… we continued to wait with the box under the arm while a guy passing by, not sure if he was drunk, crazy or both, asked us if that is real. From the box it was obvious is a toy, but we told him this once again. Then he asked us if we know where he can buy a real one (AFAIK, is not possible or legal to buy an AK 47 in Romania) so we, amused, directed him to ask the palace guards, since they surely have real guns. Before leaving he let us know how angry is he with the Prime Minister and bragged about he would do if he had a real weapon (from his look I doubt he ever touched one).

So I am stupid, but probably not the only one. Hope not the biggest one either…

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