Month: September 2015

The tanks

Ready the tanks, the winemaking season is about to start.

the tanks

No Albatross

The Albatross Mansion in Buzău was restored, its annex buildings not so much.

no albatross

Tales from the tomb

The stones in the foreground are ancient Dacic tombs from the Proșca village.

tales from the tomb

Vegan harassment

A group of vegans harassing people (tourists and not only) eating out in the Bucharest old city. With some stupid banners they were standing and starring at people from the tables. Of course, the team was complete with a photographer documenting the protest.

vegan harassment
Of course at some point they were intercepted by some community police officers, but in my understanding it was only a mere slap on the wrist, I heard a “thank you officer, I promise we won’t do it again” (as in won’t do it without proper authorization)

vegan harassment

Down the stairs

Down the stairs, up the stairs, the geometry looks good.

down the stairs


Merry-go-round: is fun time, but it looks the best during the night.


No might

The mighty, they always fall in the end



Trough the darkness of religious bigotry, there comes a ray of light.



Just a casual, spontaneous, portrait of a man giving a passionate talk.


Haunted mansion

The haunted mansion awaits you.

haunted mansion

Cold welcome

Usually you want a warm welcome, with one exception: when entering a wine cellar. Then you want it chilly.

cold welcome

Rural playground

Kids are kids everywhere and they always do kid stuff

By the barrel

Please, a barrel of light, if you don’t mind.

by the barrel

Genuine vintage

Genuine vintage from the Manasia mansion

genuine vintage

On the fence

Behind the fence, a kid from a Romanian village

on the fence