This was a hard working week-end, shooting effectively hundreds of close-up photos of eyes with contact lenses (7 models, about 50 lenses, 3-4 shots for each). Tiresome but rewarding, commercial but without pay, Fun stuff.

lot of eyes

During the photo session I developed a theory: interested in cosmetic contact lenses seems to be girls with beautiful brown eyes and girls with less-than-beautiful but non-brown eyes. Probably a try to fit a social norm and a corrective action.

I can understand someone is not happy with her eye color, hell, I am not with mine, I can also understand someone’s curiosity about a new eye color, but I can’t understand why someone with beautiful eyes would prefer a complete fakery (duh! those lenses are so unnatural!) only because she does not have the “perfect” color (I think is obvious I find the natural form of some of the eyes above to be really beautiful).

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