Month: July 2016

Family life

A glimpse into a family life at the sea side

Family life

Mobile photography

I rarely (well, very rarely) take pictures with my mobile phone, but this time only that camera was available. Of course, the image needed heavy post-processing.

Sunflower on fire

A simple sunset with sunflowers

Sunflower on fire

Fishing morning

Yet another morning with the fishermen at the black sea

Fishing morning


Baptism ceremony at the St. Mina church in Bucharest


Golden swans

The swan family on the golden lake

golden swans

Tear of joy

A tear of joy from the bride embracing her father in law.

Tear of joy

Sunset with swans

Urban sunset with lake and swans

Sunset with swans

Fairy tale

Straight from a fairy tale

fairy tale


If your eye can’t see the small details, the TV says “Can’t stop the feeling”


Food chain

Food chain on the lake

food chain

The touch

Call it a divine touch, call it a lucky shoot, call it as you like, but enjoy the picture.

the touch


The swan family nearby is growing-up day by day.


The power of books

Books are powerful, books are magic, they can help you in any situation

The power of books