OK, I acknowledge that, I am an engineer so I work and think as an engineer most of the time, so apply the same style of work to any problem that needs solving (even if it is not a problem supposed to be solved as an engineer). However, this week-end at the tourism fair I had the opportunity to witness the blonde style of problem-solving.

It seems they (the blondes) approach the problem just the same way us (engineers) are supposed to do it too, by reading the manual (well, we engineers most of the time think we are smart enough do we don’t need the manuals any more, but know it would be the sane thing to do):

blondes solving problems

Then they all get together trying to do some stuff:
blondes solving problems

Then the chief blonde (I think she is the chief, she wad the one reading stuff) seems to conclude: girl! (that must be read as the Romanian “fată…”) I think that was not the good book, it had pictures of something else…
blondes solving problems

Eventually the problem got away, not sure if it was solved by our blondes or by an engineer passing by.

Note: girls, please do not feel offended by my (bad) attempt at humor, I think you are beautiful, otherwise I did have not wasted the time here.

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