Month: July 2015

Beach shooting session

When the two have their own beach shooting session, who is a photographer to dare and meddle?

beach shooting session

Birds master

Man versus bird, a long time battle and in the end someone has to come to the top.

birds master

To the fair

A fair is supposed to be fun and some people have plenty of fun, some others not so much.

to the fair

to the fair

Bubble girl

Children just love playing with the bubbles.

bubble girl

Morning exercise

A bit of morning exercise is good for your body and is good for your soul.

morning exercise

Discovering the world

Kids wandering the beach get the unexpected opportunity to learn more about the world.

discovering the world

Meaty meal

Basic, simple, meaty food. You know, the kind that makes your stomach happy.

meaty meal

Two sides

There are two sides to every story: those pictures were taken some 5 minutes apart and probably less than 20 meters away. The main subject is the same, the result is very different.

two sides

By the pool

Little Ana is having plenty of fun by the pool.

y the pool

Obligatory sunrise

One simply can’t be at the sea and do not take at least one obligatory picture of the sunrise.

obligatory sunrise

Perv seafood

This is just seafood and it’s delicious. If one sees more into it, then all is in the viewer’s mind, the oyster is natural and innocent.

perv seafood

Sea view

A basic view at the sea, beach, waves and everything.

sea view

Of men and bikes

At the end of the day, the men and their bikes are all together.

of men and bikes

Go flying!

Take off and get flying!

go flying!

Warping swing

I usually don’t do such type of image editing, since in 99% of cases the result is somewhere between cheesy and bad, but once in a blue moon one can play.

warping swing