There are very few things in the world bigger than the human stupidity, here’s a recent example: at the weddings fair today the organizers asked me for a few photos so at some moment I decided to make a tour of the floor, take some shots, so they have a few pictures showing the general context. Which was OK in general, except a couple of booths that asked me to not take pictures, at one a guy rejected me with a hand gesture and at the other a more energetic guy jumped in front of my lens saying “not here”.

This is stupid… those guys failed to understand two basic things: one, that every picture taken there has the chance to end on the web or maybe even in a magazine, meaning free publicity for them. And second, if I was a spy or such, I would not go close and personal, journalism style, with a wide lens… would have used the zoom and took the shoots from 3 booths away, without them noticing or used a compact, posing in an innocent customer, which were allowed to shoot. What would have been the smart thing to to? Allow any picture and make sure the company name is visible. Win-win.

weddings fair

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