Month: January 2016


Is life fun with no vice?


She and herself

A bride, a phone and the selfie

she and herself

Light the road

TRought the glasses, a road made of light

light the road


A long way ahead


Urban winter

A lone tree is not the most obvious thing when thinking about the image of an urban winter

urban winter

A kind of Leia

The model in this wedding fashion show has a very iconic hair arrangement

a kind of leia

Bridal atmosphere

A very bridal atmosphere, with dresses, model, decorations, fast and everything else.

bridal atmosphere

Surreal winter

Sun and freeze, it is a clean cold day.

surreal winter


Don’t worry, the sky is covered in feathers.


Portraits in the snow

A series of street portraits in the snow: the fine gentleman, the concerned girl, the busy couple, the working class woman and the hurried girl.

portrait in the snow

portrait in the snow

portrait in the snow

portrait in the snow

portrait in the snow

Remember the summer

Don’t know about you, but among so many pictures with winter and snow I do myself feel a need for a little summer imagery

Gettin’ ready

Get up, pepare yourself, there is a long way ahead

gettin ready

Urban view

Just a wintery urban view

urban view

To the shelter

Hurrying up to take shelter can be an imperative

to the shelter

Together in cold

We humans, we are social animals. We stand together.

together in cold