Sunday I participated with Organizatia E.M.M.A. as a photographer to a charity action, where a group of people from this NGO donated all kings of things, from food to toys and sweets to a children center. It was an opportunity for we to depart from my glamour or depressive styles and try something more like photojournalism.

Still… I am not myself much than a little kid in a huge (and hairy) body, so from the normal photographer – subject interaction, it was not far to get into full play, we could resonate. They were in need for affection, happy to get it and to give back when receiving. Pretty much like me. And all of us cursed in the end.

the ghost

The photo above is, obviously, not made by me, so credit where it’s due, it was “stolen” from Bogdan‘s gallery.

I am again in the sucky world, so didn’t have the energy to go in-depth with photo processing and publishing, so for now here is just a big photo dump from the event.