I don’t understand people signing (or willing to sign) release forms but wanting to keep the photos out of some websites – obviously I talk about nude models and sites where they think the photos can be viewed by people they know or may know later (employers?)

And obviously this was rhetoric, I fully know why: they don’t understand some basic things about the internet and the ways it works. They don’t understand that after the cat is out of the bag there is no way in hell to put it back. And they are young (yes, models are usually young, with little life experience) and not ready to assume the consequences of their actions.

The hard truth is simple: once something is out on a website, no matter which website and no matter which protections techniques it employs (passwords, JavaScript routines, Flash players, referral checks) it will spread beyond your control: blogs, TGP, microblogging, social networks and so on. And you can’t delete it either, something will remain somewhere: a cache, a proxy, a mirror, many hard drives.

And the solution is equally simple: for models. if you don’t want someone (your dad, boyfriend, employer, false friend woman) to learn about it, just don’t do it. If you want the fun, support the consequences, if you were mislead by a photographer into doing it and not understand the implications… it breaks my heart but you will have to live with the consequences of your naivety.

For photographers: take care, use model release forms always and make sure they are signed before the shooting (always before the shooting). Either work with professional models able to understand the consequences or show the forms ASAP and explain their meaning. This way everything will be kept professional and everyone will be happy.

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