newglass I lost faith on many things those days, including in ever getting F64 to ever fix my lens, so in the end I followed my my friend‘s advice and bought a new, better lens – even if I still disagree with her, you can’t buy happiness with money… well, unless is an enormous sum, like 1,000,000€ or such…

And if you know me, you know I’m following the principle “or la bal or la spital” (translation from Romanian: “either at the dance, or at the hospital”) so I went for f/2.8 and a weight that will break my back. Middle way is not an option.

My biggest regret is losing the opportunity to use this gear to capture one of the most beautiful blue eyes I ever saw, every time my gear was incomplete, I missed the opportunity and tried to do the best with what I had available. Not what I wanted. I am sorry.

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