I am a big sucker for swords and fantasy, no from my point of view, the swords tournament offered by the knights from Țara Bârsei was the highlight of the ONGFest. Too bad I didn’t know about it, I did’n plan shooting it, didn’t expect to say so late in the night so I didn’t have an external flash unit on me, didn’t have a secondary battery for the camera on me and as a result the photos were not the best and not as many as I would have liked. And I missed their following fireworks.


Beyond the scenario, the fight was spectacular, they were putting passion into it: sparks on clashing swords, real kick throwing the opponent 2-3 meters away and making it roll in the dirt, all the audience enjoyed it.

sword fight

And where are knights and sword fight, there must be also princesses, balancing the male violence with their grace and providing the guys with a reason to fight. And maybe a prize, what I know?


So the old city of Bucharest, knights, swordplay, princesses… what do you want more? Oh, yeah, some drinks… they had that too 😀

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