I have a rat infestation in my garden so finally I decide to take action: gathered some rat poison and spread it in a few strategic places, now waiting to it to take effect.

Friday evening when returning from work I was in a big hurry, being awaited and having hopes, as it was the time to make plans for the next day. But the very first thing I had to do was to feed my dog so I walked in the garden, where I saw my first victim, a rat was dying: eyes closed, unable to move any more bur still breathing.

Touchingly, next to him was another rat, keeping him company for the last moments. I was brutal, took a shovel, the poison has to be buried to not endanger my dog and I also was in a hurry (I said i was awaited) so the companion rat ran away scared by my presence.

Now I still remember the spark of light in the still living rat’s eyes and the relation they seemed to have and can’t stop asking: even a rat? am I cursed? am I broken?

Needless to say, my hopes also died that evening.

dead rat

Photo taken a couple of days later, this is probably the companion

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