Year: 2015

Xmas selfie under the mistletoe

Father and daughter having some Christmas fun

The wait

The lights are on, the cookies are fresh and the milk is warm, Santa can come any moment now.

Choo, choo, choo!

When Santa comes with the train, I expect his traditional laugh to change from “ho, ho, ho!” to “choo, choo, choo!”

Santa is coming to town

By this time, Santa should be ready to begin his trip around the world.

santa is coming to town

An X-masy Wiki

In an atmosphere where everybody is getting ready for the Christmas, last evening we opened the photo exhibition for Wiki Loves Monuments in Romania. There I didn’t have any picture, as I was one of the organizers and part of the jury. It was the time for other people’s pictures to shine.

an x-masy wiki

Xmas selfie

The Christmas tree may be a perfect background for selfies

xmas selfie

Xmas girl

The Christmas festivities are primarily a joy for the kids

xmas girl

Some kind of hipster

Bored by the hipster kids taking pictures with their tablets? They are not alone any more.

some kind of hipster

Winter bulbs

The merry season, the Christmas season, the city changes its look

winter bulbs

Eaters of the corn

Spontaneous shot from the Christmas market in Bucharest

eaters of the corn

Selfie under the tree

Spontaneous view of a selfie taken under the Christmas tree

selfie under the tree

Christmas love

Is true the Christmas love goes in pairs?

christmas love


Nice legs! And so many of them…



Glowing into the night



A portrait in black and white