Year: 2015

Leaves fascination

This autumn so far was one of the most beautiful I do remember, which makes for quite the disappointment when I was busy and only rarely could get out to shoot.

leaves fascination


Run for the autumn


Painting the fall

A little graphic experiment on a picture made last week

painting the fall

Little ‘shroom

Miniature mushroom raising up from the moss

little shrooom

Royal grill

An inventive Romanian will grill his mititei anywhere, even next to the former royal castle.

royal grill

Hats and pumpkins

You can leave your hat on, it’s Halloween my dear witch.

hats and pumpkins

Water and leaves

Water in finding its course trough the fallen leaves

water and leaves

To home

Two by two or one by one, people waiting to get home

to home

Of castles and planes

A couple of jet airplanes over the Peleș castle

of castles and planes

Still life with flowers and pumpkins

Autumnal still life photography with a vase of seasonal flowers and various pumpkins and squashes.

Still life with flowers and pumpkins

Enjoying the fall

A couple and the beautiful autumn

enjoying the fall

Lone ‘shroom

A mushroom, alone in the deep forest

lone shroom

Rusted bridge

A rusted bridge in the middle of the rusty colors of the autumn

rusted bridge

Little imp

Little imp is getting ready for the Halloween with a bit of mischief

little imp

Close in the forest

The little insect ventured deep into the forest

close in the forest