Category: photomanipulation

Vintage mood

For some reason, I had a vintage mood when processing this picture

Pretty in the mirror

In the mirror or outside it?

Pretty in the mirror

In the air

Levitating a bit for great fun

In the air

Cleaning-up the government

Volunteers cleaning-up the place for anti-corruption protests in front of the Romanian government building

Cleaning-up the government

New family

A new family into the new year

New family

From the roots

Departure from the roots of the autumn

From the roots

Goodbye kiss

A warm goodbye kiss to the autumn

Goodbye kiss

Want apple?

The big little with has a present for you: a delicious red apple

Want apple

Vintage girl

Vintage looking image with the girl playing with a vintage camera

vintage girl

Vintage love

A vintage look for the girl holding the ‘LOVE’ sign

vintage love

Painting the fall

A little graphic experiment on a picture made last week

painting the fall


Fantasy is fascinating, let your imagination fly.


Star girl

Children have to dream of stars, space and fantasy

Warping swing

I usually don’t do such type of image editing, since in 99% of cases the result is somewhere between cheesy and bad, but once in a blue moon one can play.

warping swing

Coloring exercise

A simple play with adding some colors to an old picture.

coloring exercise