Life is not a pony farm and our own stupidity is our worst enemy. The hard drive on my desktop has limited space available so I am using an external drive for storage (I know I am stupid for not having an additional backup, but that’s another story): usually the photos are downloaded from the camera to the desktop, sorted, selected, a few resized and published and after a while I copy them on the external drive and delete from the desktop, to make room for the next batch.

All good until yesterday when trying to make a selection from my old works I discovered almost everything shot in May this year is nowhere to be found. It looks like I made a mistake and deleted before making the copy. I am that stupid at times.

Here are some highlights of the lost files:

Update: That wasn’t all, the curse continued after the yahoo bastards deleted my account and the files were lost for good.

Massive bummer, right?

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