The winners of the Wiki Loves Monuments photography contest are announced today, time for me to take a deep breath, rest and then brag a bit 😀

From the almost 5800 submitted pictures, the jury made a short selection of 284 “finalists”, pictures considered the best and worthy of a closer evaluation. Despite my notices and warnings, the other members of the jury selected a few of my own submissions among those finalists (as an organizer and jury member, I could not receive any prizes, but couldn’t abstain from contributing). And again despite my notices and warnings, they noted my photos (I disqualified them to be fair, giving my notes as ZERO) and, even with one of the 3 jury members noting them “0”, they are not the last in the list.

Bunt enough talk, here are the pics:

Stavropoleos noaptea Restaurantul Cina 1 Casa Assan 1 Biserica "Nașterea Maicii Domnului și Sf. Mucenic Ciprian" - Zlătari - interior

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