Month: June 2015


My little model is growing a bit every day.


City rising

The city is rising up, skyscrapers one after another.

city rising


Aces of the skies, heroes and entertainers at the same time. BIAS 2015


Bye boat!

Hi boat! Bye boat! It was nice to meet you.

bye boat

When worlds collide

Is not necessary a bad thing when worlds collide.

when worlds collide

To the sky

From the old times, reaching to the sky was one of the biggest human dreams.

to the sky

On rails

Witness a sunset on rails.

on rails


This one is a classic. I don’t think there is an airshow without this move. BIAS 2015.


Divine? No

I am sure some religious types would be ready to claim this as a manifestation of the divine, but no, is just a ray of light and some dusty air.

divine? no

Flight into the Sun

Airshows are an useful opportunity for the photographer to take some spectacular pictures. More so in the evening program, when the pilots know well and drive their planes into the sun, to the delight of their audience. BIAS 2015.

flight into the sun
flight into the sun
flight into the sun


Waves, going away like water under the bridge.


Communication age

I believe we technically are in the communication age.

communication age

Forever young

One should stay forever young, never stop playing, never stop discovering.

forever young

Butterflies in your stomach

They say the love goes trough your stomach. They may be right.

Butterflies in your stomach

Run, run, run

We better start running NOW, the storm is chasing us. Oh, wait, there is always the time for one more picture.

run, run, run