My lens is still broken, I am still broken, I can’t do productive stuff, have to wait and see. But since someone lured me into that, and I need to pass some time, I’ll go to the classic posting of funny keyword searches that made people visit my blog (together with my smart-ass comments), maybe this will bring a smile to the face of one or two persons. Have fun.

The Bridal Department

  • bride panties – I swear, I don’t know anything about that 🙂
  • bride with no panties photos – hmmm…. we can start talking…
  • brides show their panties – where? let me bring the camera…
  • the bride erotic – lucky you?
  • drunk mariaj – don’t do that! just don’t.

The Panties Department

  • are you looking at my knickers – I don’t know, should I?
  • are you looking at my panties – can’t deny nor acknowledge.
  • do you want to look at my panties – thanks for the invitation.
  • i want to show you my panties – I can’t disappoint a lady, sure.
  • he was looking at my panties – she complains now?
  • my man in my panties photos – i have a feeling that may hurt…

The Beauty Department

  • perfect 10 blonde blue eyes 33 – yes please.
  • show me girls close eyes photo – someone got my weakness…
  • beautiful contact lenses – if you ask me, naturals are better.

The Me Department

  • model from hell – i don’t do that often, but from time to time people do use me as a model

The Naughty Department

  • a picture of a girl not wearing any clothes – again, yes please.
  • ero shou – leanr to spell.
  • hookers in bucharest – maybe at the above mentioned “shou”?
  • where to find a girl in cluj – last time I visited the city of Cluj Napoca, there were a lot of girls there. Oh, do you want a nice one, or an available one? Sorry.
  • focus girls sexy college girl – should be they from Cluj or Bucharest?
  • most beautiful and sexy porn stars photos – certainly, you are on the right blog.
  • blonde bikini filterui:imagesize-large – surely you want the imagesize to be large? Not other things?

The WTF Department

  • you tub – me tub?
  • comics strips love story – a girl, a boy, maybe another boy, plenty of broken hearts.
  • baldur’s gate sexy portraits – OK, I am sold.
  • fbl goth – methinks he’s watching too much TV.

The Linux Department

  • fedora sexy woman$ – uh, Fedora is Free as in Freedom, do you know something about the “$”?
  • fedora linux sexy hot wallpapers – yes, in Fedora 14 we have waterfalls, lakes, skies, forests and so on…
  • sexy linux girl fedora tattoo – hmmm…. he knows something…

The Better World Department

  • nicu fundraising campaigns – sure, I can use some new, better lens.
  • cum sa faci aparate de bani – nope, the money aren’t supposed to be fake.
  • mititei la grill – at least that… Don’t forget the beer.

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