In the last few days I was silent, with no pics posted here, that’s because I was busy with the Wikipedia photography contest, uploading my own pictures (as I am a member of the national jury, my photos won’t run for any prize, just enrich Wikipedia and illustrate the historical monuments in Romania).
Most of my picts are about cave churches in the Argeș county, medieval fortified monasteries in the Sibiu county, cave sites in the Buzău county, but there is also some Brâncovenian architecture and some other things (Sighișoara, wooden churches and such).
Hopefully while the campaign last, until the end of the month, I will be able to take and upload a few more, but don’t expect the number increase to be dramatic, currently I am at the count of 365 images, which gave my 15 minutes of fame (I briefly was one of the 10 top world uploaders) and raised the Romanian quote close to 1000 pictures (hopefully, we will reach this milestone later today, in less than one week after the competition started).
I did my share and will work more on this until the end, how about you? Come and take part of the fun! wiki loves monuments
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