Month: August 2015

Goose chase

You don’t chase the goose, the goose chases you

goose chase


Wavy lines on the horizons: they are mountains and hills


Field geometry

Geometric shapes defining the field on the coast of the hill

field geometry

Sweet grass

The horse is enjoying the sweet grass at the foot of the Bucegi mountains.

sweet grass

Broken wave

The mighty wave has met his worthy opponent

broken wave

Two under the sun

Yet another sunrise in two

two under the sun


A different kind of mushrooms


Energy for the run

A bottle full of energy for the morning run

energy for the run

Morning selfie

A selfie in the morning to start your day well (and pretty).

morning selfie

Cheeky selfie

Want one cheeky seelfie? How about two?

cheeky selfie

The old man and the sea

The old man understands the sea and the sea understands him.

the old man and the sea

Listen to the sea

They say the sea is talking, but anyone listen to it?

listen to the sea


One by one, people will occupy this beach


Run Lola Run

Here, she is running for fun

run lola run

Tender moment

A moment of tenderness on the beach

tender moment