In fact there is no part one… Part one was about a year ago when I posted on my main blog a photo made with my phone while going home, back from work, in the public transportation system in Bucharest. It was nothing special, made with the phone hels in the normal position for use wile texting for example and showing nothing more than could be recorded by the surveillance camera.

Still, it generated the most heated debate ever on my blog (I still receive now comments on it), with people attacking or defending me. Some even tried to Google bomb me, trying to make me to take down the page. This simply won’t happen! But in a funny(ironic?) twist, those guys are still one of the main traffic sources on the blog 😀 (and indirectly ads click, which probably made me something in the range of 20$).

This controversy was one of my main reasons to start a separate blog dedicated to photography, where I published a lot of stuff, even more revealing, and the reactions were completely different (maybe because here the audience has less pompous *******?)

But Wow! what a long introduction! And for what? A couple of days ago, returning from work to home, the same public transportation system and having with me the same crappy camera phone I got the opportunity for a similar shot. Going full-circle.

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