For an unknown reason (I can only suspect my criticism for their deal with Microsoft) the guys at Yahoo deleted my flickr account. At first, I thought it was not such a big deal, since I was looking for an alternative anyway (I like flickr as a gallery but I don’t want to deal with Microsoft) and right after the account deletion the photos embedded in various web pages were still visible.

A few days later, those are gone… this photoblog is ruined, my other (main) blog has a few broken articles, a number of pages which used my photos under the CC-BY-SA license are broken as well.

For this blog, I probably have to dig into the photo archive, put the files on my static site and repair about 200 posts. A big and ugly work. For 3-rd party sites, I can’t to anything, as I have no idea who and how used the photos (that’s the reason of freedom).

Lesson learned: do not rely on external services for critical applications (ups! this blog is hosted also on a 3-rd party service, hopefully a more trustworthy one).

Yahoo, I hope you get cancer and die. You deserve it.