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Am deschis!

A durat ceva, mai mult decât mă așteptam și cu siguranță mult mai mult decât îmi doream, dar acum de la începutul lui 2022 am reușit să îmi deschid un studio foto. Ce să mai, open for business!

Și ca să nu pierd vremea cu vorbe, pun și căteva fotografii foarte recente, făcute între deschiderea fizică și cea oficială:

Dacă vă interesează, am pus mult mai multe fotografii pe Instagram, știți cum se face: follow, like, comment, alea-alea. Și pe Facebook la fel. Oi mai pune și aici din când în când, dar pe rețelele sociale cu siguranța va fi mai mult și mai des, că blogurile s-au cam demodat, din păcate…

Blog moved, everything stays the same

In a preemptive move to stay away from any possible censorship, the blog has moved internally (from to a self-hosted WordPress). For its readers, everything should stay the same, except maybe some added functionality.

Blog moved, everything stays the same


Hello, here I am 🙂


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Work complete

[Y!M]In a large effort taking a few weeks I had to repair the missing images on this photoblog
after the massive data loss caused by the yahoo bastard. A few photos were lost for good, but the majority of content is restored properly.

Now I can focus on finding an alternate gallery solution (self hosted, I won’t trust something else after getting burned) and taking more photos.

Eat my dust Yahoo… I said it before and will say it again: I hope you get cancer and die. You deserve it.

Those bastards!

For an unknown reason (I can only suspect my criticism for their deal with Microsoft) the guys at Yahoo deleted my flickr account. At first, I thought it was not such a big deal, since I was looking for an alternative anyway (I like flickr as a gallery but I don’t want to deal with Microsoft) and right after the account deletion the photos embedded in various web pages were still visible.

A few days later, those are gone… this photoblog is ruined, my other (main) blog has a few broken articles, a number of pages which used my photos under the CC-BY-SA license are broken as well.

For this blog, I probably have to dig into the photo archive, put the files on my static site and repair about 200 posts. A big and ugly work. For 3-rd party sites, I can’t to anything, as I have no idea who and how used the photos (that’s the reason of freedom).

Lesson learned: do not rely on external services for critical applications (ups! this blog is hosted also on a 3-rd party service, hopefully a more trustworthy one).

Yahoo, I hope you get cancer and die. You deserve it.

Store them all…

When shooting a lot of photos and finding hard to delete to much, you quickly build a massive amount and your drive fills up, so you have to increase the storage. This is what I did, by purchasing an external hard drive (USB), an Western Digital My Book Essential, which seems works very well on my Fedora desktop. The DVDs and the usb thumb drive are included in the photo for size comparison.


Creative Commons LicenseThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.

No longer a Pro or FY MS or FY flickr

My "Pro" account of flickr just expired, it was not bough by me but a gift. I used it intensely and liked, now I am back at the basic level and missing a lot of the features. At about 25$ is not a big deal, I could easily renew it but I don’t want that: there are a lot of news everywhere about Yahoo willing to sell to Microsoft and Microsoft willing to buy Yahoo, I don’t endorse such a deal, I don’t want to give any of my money directly or indirectly to Microsoft and I don’t want my photos to end in Microsoft’s yard – I consider Microsoft the worst thing that happened to the computing industry.

Currently I am looking for a self hosted solution (advices appreciated), to run my own gallery, on my own hosting under my own domain, integrated with my other websites. I will keep my flickr account and using it until the deal with MS is closed since I have a lot of friends there and want to stay in touch with them.

What can I say more? Shame on you flickr, shame on you Yahoo: in little more than 3 months I was a "Pro" I brought you a 6 digits number of page views, if you can’t monetize that, maybe you deserve this faith.

Up to date

The hard work of digging up the history is done, now the blog is in sync with my photo gallery, all the posts following will be actual.

Hello world!

Don’t get fooled by this post date, it is purposely set in the past: the blog was started in November 2008, but the first batch of photos will outline some photo sessions I had in the past.