Yesterday I arrived home near the midnight, I was tired, with some beers in my system and not very optimistic, it was too much for a pretentious shoot: night, flashes, rain, water drops, improper lens so I postponed it until the morning.

The morning was not much better: it was still raining so the light was bad, the flowers in my garden still faded after a couple of torrid weeks, and most important, my preferred (zoom/macro) lens still missing – the lens is broken and I sent it to the repair shop, will miss it probably for a couple of weeks.

The first scenario I tried was the (prime) 50mm lens with a macro extension ring, the smallest ring in my set – I had to go a little closer than wanted:


The second scenario was the wide lens, 19-35, at the maximum zoom and widest aperture and then a crop around the subject – the DOF was too large, the flower not separated enough from its leaves.

As a conclusion, I was not happy with either, still selected the macro. I miss my lens!

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