Day: June 8, 2010

Turning Blind

Looking at this photo from the Miss contest I feel like turning blind… no, not because of that, you dirty minds, but because of the strong sunlight. Do you? (yep, that’s a test for mind dirtiness… or it should be).


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Miss Menfest 2010

The second topic I was owing my readers was the Sunday shooting, at Menfest, for which I will try a backwards approach. Because I am odd.

So the show ended with what probably was its most interesting part: a Miss contest, where the winner received a shooting session at the FHM magazine (here the winners are one step in front of the group):

miss menfest

A last trial before the jury selected the winner was a talent competition… al the contestants were too shy (???) to do something, except two (from eleven), who both danced:
miss menfest miss menfest

Prior to that, all the bunch was aligned for inspection (and our eyes were inspecting, as deeply as they could):
miss menfest

But of course, our eyes started doing this from before they climbed the stage ans were (probably) still friends with each other:
miss menfest

And, finally, to go backwards all the way, here’s the winner back when winning was just a hope in her heart:
miss menfest

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Help Mihaita fulfill his dream

This call for donations is made on behalf of my beautiful model Irina, she is the sister of this unfortunate boy in need of help. Here is an excerpt from the donations website:

Letter from Mihai

My name is Mihai Popescu, I am 15 years old and I am from Ramnicu-Valcea, Romania. I am diagnosed with cerebral palsy with brain trauma, a disease that has affected my walking since my first years of life. Although I had 8 surgical operations along with 13 anesthesia and physical recovery at different medical centers across the country (Oradea, Targoviste, Sibiu, Bucuresti, Techirghiol, Ramnicu-Valcea) throughout 14 years of my life, I have never been able to walk unsustained. However, I am a student in 8th grade at ‘Anton Pann’ School in Ramnicu-Valcea in a NORMAL class. I have always wanted to be like my classmates, to be able to run, to play together, not to depend on my mother nor on anybody else. I’ve fought so far even though the surgeries have been painful, as well as the recovery and I don’t want to give up now when I have another chance to hope that I will become a normal boy at last. Please help me fulfill my dream now that I have a chance!

So, it this was convincing enough, spare a couple of minutes and help with a donation, it will be appreciated.

Thank you.