Category: 35×35

35×35: Strawberry time

Strawberries are tasty and they are fun.

35x35: strawberry time

35×35: Run for your lives

The storm from a few of days ago was more spectacular in the morning, but I managed to take pictures only in the evening

35x35 run for your lives

35×35: For the show

From a photo exhibition opened at the international airport of Bucharest (I don’t have any photo there since I was a member of the contest jury)

35x35 for the show

35×35: Puppeteer

The puppets are fascinating, the puppeteer is a powerful being.

35x35 puppeteer

35×35: Something sweet

35x35 something sweet

35×35: Tank

Normally, for a wildlife shoot you don’t use a 35mm lens, but something much, much longer.

35x35 tank

35×35: Light break

35x35 light break

35×35: Sky is the limit

Actually, not even the sky is the limit

35x35 sky is the limit

35×35: Stripes

Stripes of light and shadows

35x35 stripes

35×35: With Cars

Picture with a car

35x35 with cars

35×35: Sky

A typical landscape, with birds flying on the sky while the sun is setting down

35x35 sky

35×35: Fashion

An unexpected view at the fashion show

35x35 fashion

35×35: Girl with flowers

The spring came, flowers are everywhere

35x35 girl with flowers

35×35: At hand

Sometime a window reflection is at hand

35x35 at hand

35×35: The Force

May the force be with 35 millimeters!

3535 the force