Month: March 2015

Weddings: Temple

A wedding can be fun at times, but it also can be solemn when needed.

Fashion addict

Get ’em while they’re young. On the other hand, the little one does not have bad taste.

fashion addict

Irish Dance

Whenever I see people performing Irish traditional dances, I get hooked trying to shoot them levitating, when all people jump and are in the air.

irish dance

Irish Beer

I am ahead of the St. Patrick Day parade, when I notice three local drunkards, with the cheapest (plastic bottle) beer in hand.
– What’s there? Revolution? and they look inquiring at me
– National Ireland day, I reply, continuing to look for interesting angles and subjects
– So what? they are totally unimpressed
– Irish beer! i add, unsure they ever tried some ever
– Where, where? their eyes start to sparkle and you can start to feel their enthusiasm
– Pubs around here, I shrug
– And is free? you can see the sparkle burning
– I don’t know about that, I shrug again and go my way.
In the meantime the parade arrives. With dying sparkles in their eyes, the drunkards try to bugger it but are meet with total indifference.

irish beer

Mall fashion reloaded

Since everything has to have an end, this is the last post from the mall fashion series.

mall fashion reloaded
mall fashion reloaded
mall fashion reloaded

A path to…

My original idea for this picture was to link it to the magic series, still some viewers likened it to “heaven”. I think I will go with the “magic” after all.

a path to

The jump

Every kick on the butt is a jump forward, or something like that the popular wisdom says.

the jump

Mall fashion uploaded

Even some more fashion at the mall photos

mall fashion uploaded
mall fashion uploaded
mall fashion uploaded

Weddings: Rituals

All around the world, the weddings are surrounded by ceremonies and rituals

weddings rituals

Some more fashion at the mall

If you want some more fashion at the mall here it is.

fashion at the mall
fashion at the mall
fashion at the mall
fashion at the mall

Evening by the lake

Before the night falls, a last bath in the warm light

evening by the lake

Some fashion at the mall

Shoots from a fashion parade at the Liberty Center mall in Bucharest.

some fashion at the mall
some fashion at the mall
some fashion at the mall
some fashion at the mall


Fashion parade at the mall is not unusual, a somewhat smaller mall where available space is at the food court is not unusual. Having the McDonalds posters enter the frame at the said fashion parade is kind of awkward.

Path ahead

It was quite a way of life and photography since this picture, now with a fresh editing, was taken in the summer of 2011

path ahead

Unexpected Tango

A dizzying dance for two, spinning the world around.

unexpected tango