Day: November 8, 2010

Vengeance? I’ll pass

I am not a religious person but if I was I could easily categorize this as divine justice or such… back when a clueless manager had one video I made at a weddings fair removed from YouTube, not realising this is publicity for him and his artists, my only reaction was to complain on my photography blog and stop posting pictures with his starlets.

Well, the faith turned and pretty much by accident I managed to snap by chance a really embarrassing picture from an on-stage performance. I half-smile observing the “divine justice” and process to doing nothing. I won’t give them any publicity. And I don’t feel the need for vengeance on those people.

Of bees and flowers

The last breath of the flowers, I had the opportunity to capture some classic close-ups with bees, which was a good opportunity, a first test of the macro capabilities of my new lens.

bees and flowers

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