These days I am so low, that I continue to exist and function mostly from inertia… and how the plan to buy some new glass was made long ago, when I had the money for it I followed the inertia and got it. At a focal range of 11-16 mm, it is something one would call ultra-wide and all can say is the world seen trough it is different.

Still, people who know me know my interest in cold buildings or landscapes (strong points for such a camera) is limited, my heart is to photos with people and it will allow for interesting effects, like perspective deformation, impossibly long legs, shooting someone head-to-toes from maybe 1 meter away and such so obviously need to play with it. The problem is… right now I don’t want to be around people, except one single, special person, who do everything to keep me away. Inertia got me stuck to a wall.

wide wide

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