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Childhood in two

When the grow-ups have serious things to do, children always find a way for some fun

Childhood in two

She and herself

A bride, a phone and the selfie

she and herself

A kind of Leia

The model in this wedding fashion show has a very iconic hair arrangement

a kind of leia

Bridal atmosphere

A very bridal atmosphere, with dresses, model, decorations, fast and everything else.

bridal atmosphere

Weddings: Unforgettable

There are things in life that are not to be forgotten easily

weddings: unforgettable

Weddings: Run for it

We usually call lovers “doves” and say about happy people are “flying”

weddings run for it

Weddings: details matters

Our lives are a chain of small details, so every single one matters.

weddings details matters

Weddings: Temple

A wedding can be fun at times, but it also can be solemn when needed.

Weddings: Rituals

All around the world, the weddings are surrounded by ceremonies and rituals

weddings rituals

Weddings: the fight

Love is not a fight and the wedding is not a battle.

weddings the fight

Weddings: Sweetest things

The sweetest things at a wedding are the candies? Maybe not 🙂

weddings: sweetest things

Weddings: Struck

The music says thunder-struck, the wedding around say love-struck: the groom and his friends are rocking together.

weddings struck

Weddings: Shoes

Sometimes the shoes may get hidden by the bride’s long dress, but they are always there for support.

weddings shoes

Weddings: Bros

At a wedding, the groom needs support. This is what his best men are for. That and looking good and tough together.

weddings bros

Weddings: Superstar

There is a rule that applies each and every time: a wedding must have a superstar. And also each and every time, that superstar is the bride herself. She is the center of the event and all eyes are on her.

wedding superstar