Day: June 8, 2011


Last Sunday something new happened in the “Lia Manoliu” park: the first Haramichi meet in Romania and once I learned about it, i had to meet that fun group of kids:


And take some pictures of their colored costumes:

Hopefully, see you next week for the largest second edition!

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To the Livadă

I was reluctant to participate to the Livada de fotografii, my first reaction was “my photos are not intended for exhibitions” and my laziness is king: why bother digging trough so many photos? So I decided not to participate.

The other day I changed my mind: I can visit it, and if I go there, I can display some photos too, printing 10 of them is cheap enough, less than a couple of beers. Got the idea for a couple of themes, decided for one of them (involving people kissing in the city’s parks), but when I opened the storage to search for them, remembered some I wanted were on the lost card and was put down again by laziness and an unrelated depression.

Some late night chats made me change my mind again: if in the morning I am apt enough, select some photos and print them. Since the quest for the main idea proved futile, the second one kicked in: cold buildings, shot from a wide angle… quite boring and unoriginal.

The morning wasn’t good at all: the life is a really dark gray, the beacons of light far enough and unreachable. But still went to select a mix, not the indented one but a spaghetti of unrelated pictures. Asked a friend for a reality check and to the print shop!

Well, it was a bad day for printing 🙂 Asked my boss for permission to go put and print, then on the route remembered I forgot to add a signature. Heck, I am not egomanical enough, so I can live without a signature, continue.

The closest print shop is the one I am trying to avoid, since I had some unpleasant experiences with them, but I am during the work hours and they are the closest, so I go there. Refreshing news: their printer is not working (again! that was my years old problem with them too). OK, nice not having business with you again, see you later (probably never).

There is another print shop not far, but I have to search for it, a few minutes found! Ask for prints, the clerk says “but we don’t have glossy paper, only matte”… since the next shop is too far away I accept. Then “but our printer is performing some tests, will take 15-20 minutes”. OK, what to do, accept it again.

20 minutes was enough to time to go back to the office, breath a couple of times and go back! He way expecting me with the prints and they came decent. People, see you to the Livada!

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