This week’s homework for the photography is about storytelling: take a known picture, The Marriage Feast at Cana by Hieronymus Bosch in my case, and cut it in pieces telling a story, just like a story board, pretty much a cinematographic experience.

So I took the picture and told the story as straightforward as I could (the text in the picture is in Romanian, read below for an approximative English translation):

[cana storytelling]

  1. lilt music is coming from the background
  2. some dogs are playing in the rhythm of the music
  3. the servants are busy getting plates filled with goodies at the table
  4. an pouring wine in jugs
  5. everybody’s partying, joy is everywhere
  6. a worried servant is coming in a hurry from the kitchen
  7. someone is informing the groom that the wine was exhausted
  8. the jugs are empty
  9. the dinners feel something is wrong and start talking
  10. the last drops of wine are poured
  11. the preacher feel there is a problem and do his trick
  12. the host announce there is no problem and they have enough wine for everybody
  13. doubtfully, the dinners taste the wine and find it even better than before
  14. in amazement, start talking about the miracle they just witnessed
  15. the music continues, even stronger and lilt
  16. the party continues like nothing happened

I found the story too predictable and thus boring and uninteresting, so I tried another version, telling something different than the old Bible story (again, an approximative English translation below):

[cana storytelling]

  1. Big wedding in Cana
  2. a lot of people eat, drink and feel good
  3. suddenly, the preacher yells "you eat, drink and party, now choke on it!"
  4. mwha-ha-ha-ha! mwha-ha-ha!
  5. he do a short hand gesture
  6. the wine jugs are dry
  7. servants are coming from the kitchen: the wine barrels are also dry
  8. people start talking and looking strange at the groom and the hosts
  9. a wise woman bow to the groom’s ear and say "you can’t stand such humiliation, you have to give to the preacher the right to the first night with your bride"
  10. the preacher do another hand gesture
  11. the wine is flowing again
  12. is plenty of wine, the diners drink it vigorously
  13. humbly, the host bows before the, nor feared, preacher
  14. the minstrels dedicate hymns to him
  15. the servants lump to accomplish all his demands
  16. the party continues
  17. but you can feel in the air the fear, the weakness
  18. even the animals feel uneasy in their play
  19. the preacher lick his thick lips libidinously
  20. and the bride cry slowly, accepting her fate and sacrifice. a sour smile: "if he knew what is awaiting…"
  21. and a conclusion: the story teller of this blasphemy will burn in the fire of Hell for his heresy

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