There is a story of the boy that was lost in the forest and now he has returned: my (not so) old Tamron lens, which was with me for tens of thousands of photos, one day got on its knees, with errors and errors and errors, so I had to bring it back to the mothership for repairs. It took over half a year, but now he is with me again and appearing to work:


A casualty is its tiny aperture operating engine, which was the very first thing they replaced… not sure how much a necessity it was, since the problem persisted after the replacement (the engine is dead now) and the problem was solved in the end many months ago with a software update (you knew a camera lens has its own motherboard with its own operating system?)
aperture engine

Now I am not that angry with F64 and still doing business with them, they promoted me as a golden client based on my past purchases… not sure if due to this status or the massive delay, but the repairing came with a few perks.

Sure, there are bad news for the lost-and-returned boy: he’s not any more the golden boy, a new generation replaced it and now he’s a backup, But still has a future in front of him.

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