Winter strikes back just when I though all is over: a lot of snow and so cold that even the stones are breaking (this morning the thermometer was showing -16°C, supposedly over night it was even colder). So I planned to take advantage of the winter while is still possible, with a week-end photoshot, no matter the cold.

Saturday it was a beautiful snow, with large and slow snowflakes and lacking the possibility to for a photoshot in a traditional countryside, I though the Village Museum from Herastrau Park is the best next replacement, the closest fake. Unfortunately, the Museum was close, dunno if it is closed all winter long or I was just unlucky, so all I could take was a few shots from across the lake:

village under snow

There are also a few other park decorations with a rustic feel:
village under snow

And of course, the ducks (I think they are heroes for bathing in that water):
ducks, ice, snow

And there were also some very happy (and fat) small birds:
birds and snow

I found impressive the real winter tree decorations:
tree under snow

And found funny this statue (is Venus? Diana? not sure, but this statue is in the park for as long as I remember), effectively swimming in snow, it made me think about how old farts (like me) are saying: in my time, to do X we had to walk Y miles uphill in the snow
lady under snow

When going home, under the Arcul de Triumf I saw those poor soldiers in festive uniforms, over the week-end was the Union Day, so they had to be part of some ceremonies:
tree under snow

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