I often see Romanians priding of our country because the women are beautiful here. I really don’t see why I would pride with that, if Geta from Floor 3 is gorgeous, that does not make me better, smarter of more handsome. Even if I somehow get to bang her, that does not make me better, smarter of more handsome. Maybe just lucky for that particular time and space.

I am also highly unsure about this claim, about the Romanian women being that beautiful… I saw a lot of them being ugly or average. Maybe the percentage of above-average ones is a bit over some other countries, but (and I speak now from a photographer perspective) the percentage of top-of-the line, breath-taking, knocking-you-off, stunning beauties is not something I find impressive.

However, I just stumbled on a site with an top 15 of countries with the hottest women and Romania is listed among those. I’m not sure if I should dismiss this for listing Andreea Răducan as the country’s highlight or for including USA and UK in the top. I just note one of the criteria for inclusion in the top “the girls are said to love American men” (American men, is not you but your money.

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