Little cute bunnies. Cute they are.


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For a few years I keep wishing for the opportunity to get shooting a rainbow. Since then, this is the first one, even if the atmospheric condition aren’t the best.


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Run in colors

The Color Run 2015 just happened in Bucharest – the usual: running (mostly walking), a lot of colors, music, selfies and such.

run in colors run in colors run in colors run in colors

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35×35: Puppeteer

The puppets are fascinating, the puppeteer is a powerful being.

35x35 puppeteer

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35×35: Something sweet

35x35 something sweet

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“I found the fishy”, she said.


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35×35: Tank

Normally, for a wildlife shoot you don’t use a 35mm lens, but something much, much longer.

35x35 tank

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The city line on the horizon


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35×35: Light break

35x35 light break

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Weddings: Unforgettable

There are things in life that are not to be forgotten easily

weddings: unforgettable

35×35: Sky is the limit

Actually, not even the sky is the limit

35x35 sky is the limit

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35×35: Stripes

Stripes of light and shadows

35x35 stripes

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Cherry flowers in the spring


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Spring spirit

That’s the spirit, is spring so, people, go out and kiss!

spring spirit

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Some more Liberty

Some more pictures from the Miss Liberty fashion show

some more liberty
some more liberty
some more liberty
some more liberty

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