Smoking sunrise

One can say a sunrise is smoking hot, I guess.

smoking sunrise

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Sea life

A glimpse of FORMER sea life.

sea life

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Splashing water

Splash the water, as much as you want, it good for the picture. But not towards the camera, that’s not so good.

splashing water

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Shipping birds

Birds over and under the ship. They are everywhere.

shipping birds

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On boats

Boats of different shapes and sizes.

on boats

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Boring Mothering

A somewhat bored mother it seems

boring mothering

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The food store behind her is selling fried anchovy (“hamsie”) and hot dogs, local and international.


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Framed and shoot

You know the old joke about photographers: they frame you, they shoot you and then they hang you on the wall.

framed and shoot

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Beach shooting session

When the two have their own beach shooting session, who is a photographer to dare and meddle?

beach shooting session

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Birds master

Man versus bird, a long time battle and in the end someone has to come to the top.

birds master

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To the fair

A fair is supposed to be fun and some people have plenty of fun, some others not so much.

to the fair

to the fair

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Bubble girl

Children just love playing with the bubbles.

bubble girl

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Morning exercise

A bit of morning exercise is good for your body and is good for your soul.

morning exercise

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Discovering the world

Kids wandering the beach get the unexpected opportunity to learn more about the world.

discovering the world

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Meaty meal

Basic, simple, meaty food. You know, the kind that makes your stomach happy.

meaty meal

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