Sweet delice

Home-made strawberry jam. Believe me, it’s delicious.

sweet delice

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Flowers, girls, movies…

It was a children game: “flowers, girls, movies or boys?”

flowers girls movies

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Lazy city

A lazy Saturday afternoon in the city: heat, food, flowers, people.

lazy city

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Summer-ish flavors

It smells like late spring to early summer. Delicious.

summer-ish flavors

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Obligatory picture of the season: ducklings in the sunset light.

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Graphic story

A graphic story. About love or something…

graphic story

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Trough the water

The weather is getting really hot, so staying in the middle of the water becomes an attractive proposal. For the humans, not for their electronic equipment, of course.

trough the water

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Expo in the street

Photo in the “Bucuresti – subiectiv prin obiectiv” at the Municipality Museum of Bucharest, near Piata Universitatii.

Expo in the street

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35×35: Strawberry time

Strawberries are tasty and they are fun.

35x35: strawberry time

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Spiderman in the mirror

When Spiderman looks in the mirror, what does he see?

spiderman in the mirror

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Wet love

Couple in love cuddling by the fountain.

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If you find a four-leaf clover, you are lucky because you found it. Actually, I saw on National Geographic the four-leaf clovers are 1 in about 10,000, so you just have to wait and look for them.


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Loneliness of the fisherman

Alone with the fish, some says it’s a good way to spend your time

loneliness of the fisherman

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Evening by the water

A calm evening by the lake, everybody it taking care of his things

evening by the water

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Love by the trashcan

Is incredibly difficult to take a photo in Bucharest’s parks and NOT have a trash can in it.

love by the trashcan

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