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Urban evening

End of the day over the big city.

Urban evening

Calendar 2013

As a joint project with Carmen, we made a desk calendar for 2013, it features photos from both of us put in some random order (you’ll have to guess who is the author for each).

calendar 2013
The printed version is a premium item, being hand-signed by each of us and is not for sale, but those who like it, can have a copy (sorry for linking this way, is a big ZIP file containing a bunch of high-quality PDFs).
And since a fellow photographer asked for this, I’am also making available my calendar design, as an archive of blank PDFs, with no pictures and no names, ready to receive photos and names. It is made at the size required the the printing shop we used: 220 x 100 mm with 2 mm bleeds at the edges.

Update: here’s a tutorial for making your own Inkscape calendar layout design

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