Month: May 2015

Skate girl

Little girl having fun on the skateboard

Skate girl

35×35: Run for your lives

The storm from a few of days ago was more spectacular in the morning, but I managed to take pictures only in the evening

35x35 run for your lives

35×35: For the show

From a photo exhibition opened at the international airport of Bucharest (I don’t have any photo there since I was a member of the contest jury)

35x35 for the show

Apple flower

Apple tree flowers, bees, spring.

apple flower


Sun setting over a somewhat industrial landscape


Behind the bars

The real thugs, they are locked-up behind the bars.

behind the bars


Little cute bunnies. Cute they are.



For a few years I keep wishing for the opportunity to get shooting a rainbow. Since then, this is the first one, even if the atmospheric condition aren’t the best.