I took part in a challenge: create the worst photo I am able to, is a test of creativity where you have to create a picture containing as many mistakes as you can. Even if it may appear easy, is not at all: first you have to take care, if one mistake is too big, it will overpower the others, and they won’t be noticed any more. Second, some mistakes may cancel each over. Lastly, abuse of mistakes shouldn’t get into art territory.
Now I challenge my readers: look at the picture and try to identify as many mistakes as you can (maybe you find even some which are not intentional :p)

my worst

Bonus: here’s a video making of for the picture, so you can understand the extra difficulty when the subject is moving so fast and so unstable.

PS: also an extra-difficulty was having such a cute subject, which may make some people appreciate the picture even if it is bad.

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