In less of a couple of hours today is the release for Fedora 13 and specially for this event I am putting out a few sexy pics with a beautiful girl wearing the classic I <3 fedora T-shirt (stay tuned for the second part next week, when the shirt will come of!). Right from the bat, it should be noted Aneska is a professional model and I, the photographer, have the full rights to use the pictures.

sexy fedora shirt

And all is not about looks, she is quite a geek: doing photography and photo editing playing good computer games (Baldur’s Gate, if you can believe!) and also having heard what Linux is… it was easy for me to explain what Fedora is, by telling it is something similar with Ubuntu. Her boyfriend (yes, she has a boyfriend, I can hear now millions of geek hearts being broken and suddenly silenced), also photographer, knew Fedora by name (well… he knew it as “Fedora Core”, bad for me for not having a Live image with me) and have tried once Ubuntu on his desktop… he was unhappy with the software (troubles of installing proprietary nVidia drivers) but amazed by the helpful community (I owe now a beer to some unknown guy from the Romanian Ubuntu community).
sexy fedora shirt sexy fedora shirt

We touched just briefly in the talk the topic about women and technology, their lack of involvement… I feel this is something worth revisiting at a later date, as she can provide useful insight on it – I expect a point of view radically different to the extremist hate groups driven by the USian politically correctness, prudity and hypocrisy.

Anyway, she will read the comments, being genuinely interested in the people feedback about this photoshoot, so please leave feedback in the comments, it will be read.

sexy fedora shirt

I also have to make today and exception from my rule, I believe in Freedom and use the CC-BY-SA license as much as I can, but in this case the rule is the photos can’t be used in a way that will damage the model image/reputation, so let’s consider them also under a “Non Derivatives” (ND) clause. However, she wants to see them used, so if you make a wallpaper from them, feel free to post a screenshot for her.

…and don’t forget to visit and pass forward the URL of the entire gallery. And wait for the second part, is hot.

Update: The second part is up.