I do not like at all the military parades and this isn’t because I am a huge pacifist (I am not) or because I am ashamed by "our" army being and invasion force in various parts of the world (I am ashamed by that), my big problem is they are a fakery. I served in the army back when the military service used to be compulsory and I saw the real truth: the Romanian army is not something glorious, to be proud of… al those parades are just a show.

But I went anyway (for the first time in my life), trying to catch some photos. And there were a lot of goodies: shiny military uniforms, tanks and cavalry. And girls in military uniforms (probably also fakes, secretaries clothed in uniforms and displayed for the show).

December 1st: Dorobants

December 1st: Tank

December 1st: Cavalry

December 1st: Girl power

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