Sunday was Flowers Day (Florii), the last Sunday before the Easter and the Village Museum (Muzeul Satului) in Bucharest hosted a big event, with traditional art, music, spectacles and such. Being a really beautiful spring day, I couldn’t resist and was there with the camera in my hand: rustic houses, people in traditional costumes and blossoming cherry trees… what you can ask for more? (wait the next couple of posts for more…)

There I meet Gheorghe Ciobanu, an amazing guy: he is a peasant naive painter who talk with passion about his art, we had a short but delightful conversation about the purpose of art, he also gave me hid “internet number”, where I can see a gallery with his works. Recommended.

gheorghe ciobanu

He had there a lot of idyllic paintings about nature, flowers, spirituality, village life and so on. When leaving, I saw on a fence a lot of paintings with strong sexual connotations, also part of the traditional rural live, I guess. I love his guy and his work (and there is more such stuff on his website.
gheorghe ciobanu

Another highlight of an interesting person I meet there is Veturia Suciu, an old lady who does sewing. Seeing my photo camera she asked from which TV station am I, we talked a bit, she told be about her being at sunset and how is she would have a sunrise would be able to create more.

veturia suciu

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