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Sunset with swans

Urban sunset with lake and swans

Sunset with swans

Food chain

Food chain on the lake

food chain


The swan family nearby is growing-up day by day.


Swan family

Swan family on the nearby lake

Swan family

Up the ladder

Getting up the ladder, step by step. Everyone wants to be on the top.

Up the ladder

This is nuts

This is nuts and that is mister squirrel, nice to meet you.

this is nuts

Mr. Furry

He is covered with fur and is everyone’s friend: meet our furry friend!

mr. furry


Don’t worry, the sky is covered in feathers.


City life

The birds in the city have their own life

city life


If you were a bird, what would you like better, some fish from the lake that is frozen now or some sponge cake, leftover from the Christmas party?


Close in the forest

The little insect ventured deep into the forest

close in the forest

Random encounter of the squirrel kind

A friendly squirrel from the nearby park. He was gathering nut for the winter.

Random encounter of the squirrel kind

Last swans

The swans should start their migration quite soon I think. Or is already late?

last swans

Autumn with swans

I was sure the swans migrate for the winter. Maybe the autumn is still young

autumn with swans

Sea life

A glimpse of FORMER sea life.

sea life