Category: reflection

Guess the season

If, for a minute, did you think this is an autumnal image then the trap worked. It is spring!

Guess the season

Down with the spring

The flower petals now are down on the ground

Down with the spring

Blue hour

As the night is falling, the sky is blue over the city, the sky is blue over the lake.


City silhouette

The city silhouette in the sunset.

City silhouette

Starting the spring

It was the first say of the spring, this is the first sunset of the season.

starting the spring

Reflections on chocolate

Window with reflections, chocolate and… love

Reflections on chocolate


Nice legs! And so many of them…


Her umbrella

She and her umbrella, the rain ain’t so scary

her umbrella

Reflection on Bucharest

I made this picture back in spring and for some reason, I wasn’t very happy with it at the time. Now with a new black and white edit, it proved to get some liking from people around.

reflection on bucharest

More reflections on autumn

Just warm and beautiful autumn colors.

more reflections on autumn

Autumn in a pond

You don’t need more than a pond for a reflection on autumn

autumn in a pond

City rising

The city is rising up, skyscrapers one after another.

city rising

When worlds collide

Is not necessary a bad thing when worlds collide.

when worlds collide


Waves, going away like water under the bridge.


City view

A random city view in Bucharest

city view